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"The Heart Collectors recognise the Bowie-esque nature of their music. The delicately picked guitar that is the main feature of this song could easily be Mick Ronson in reflective mode. The song itself has 1973 all over it. Thet say they "capture the essence of inspiration, honesty of love, and the nature of the cosmos in their music". On the basis of this lovely ballad, it's hard to argue with that. A band to investigate further." - TM, 

“Imagine Fleetwood Mac with more of an organic, Celtic-inflected lilt of vocals and melody and you have a rough idea of why Australia Heart Collectors are so instantly appealing. There is a vibrant and timeless allure to their music that is resistant to the fashion of the moment, and all the more enduring because of it. Kymrie’s voice is the stuff angel’s wings are made of.” John T Davis, author of ‘Austin City Limits: ’25 Years Of American Music’.

“The Heart Collectors are a band on a mission to share a sound that is finely curated and delicately spun creating a world of warmth and comfort. THE SPACE BETWEEN requires a significant investment to grasp the big picture. Snippets can easily be pulled out to frame the moment, but hanging in for the entirety sheds a different complexion on what is set out to be achieved and ultimately pulled off”. -  5th Album Review:

“The new EP from Australian folk group The Heart Collectors is truly emotive of joy, nostalgia, and a whole collection of other feelings. But that is just a happy side-effect to the true showcase of this release: the beauty of music, specifically acoustic instrumentation and the human voice. Written during the pandemic, Timeless Space is a soft, reflective release, with tracks such as Eyes Wide Open and Inside Out showcasing this approach. Finger-plucked guitar, lush cello, reserved melodic phrasing, and beautiful harmonies all combine to create an ethereal/folky atmosphere. Standout tracks include Sirius, with probably the best hook on the EP, and Pieces II, which brings it to a close by moving away from the reflective toward the inspiring. In all, The Heart Collectors have created a piece filled with emotion and beautiful music”. - 

"Second single from the Australian band. This is from the acoustic harmony lead ballad side of their music. A "nostalgic folk pop tune delivers as a sweetly stamped postcard, an ode to living in the present moment, and a reflection of how much we've gone through and grown over the past couple of years". The harmonies are out of the CSN school sweet without being saccharine. A light touch with the backing makes this another good lead into their new album." 

 “The Heart Collectors EP Timeless Space is an extremely alluring listen, the subtle bluegrass, country and mountain-esque moments won’t go unnoticed, as The Heart Collectors continue to impress with their unique and progressive version of folk sounds.”  Tom Haugen, 

“The delicate interlace of string instruments – Reuben Loire on guitar, Tristan Dafoe on mandolin and banjo, Mobius Barnaby on cello — in this Australian folk rock outfit underscores ethereal lead singing from Kymrie Henge and beautiful vocal harmonies from all. Though the band has been compared to numerous contemporary Americana groups its roots seem to lie more directly in the classic 1960s British folk rock epitomized by the likes of Fairport Convention, Pentangle and Steeleye Span. Like those musicians the members of The Heart Collectors are as interested in American folk rock songwriters as much as they are in their own traditional folk melodies. They are particularly adept at covers of Joni Mitchell, whose “Woodstock” and “The River” are both in their repertoire. The band’s single “One” is an inspiring anthem for world unity and peace in troubled times". – John Swenson, writer for Offbeat Magazine (previously Rolling Stone Magazine) 

"Vulnerable-sounding vocal masterpieces with lyrics about the composers' personal experiences in life and love. Atmospheric, fascinating stories are told in attractive songs such as “No Separation”, the melodic “The Garden”, the bluegrass-leaning “Travellers” and the fragilely sung album closer “Where Light Rests”. As a listener you are almost compellingly drawn into the sincere feelings that the vocalists manage to convey in every song. At the beginning of this year, 'The Heart Collectors' also released an EP under the title "Timeless Space" which also contained a song called "Sirius". The ballad “Sirius B” on this new album tells how things went in the love life of this Sirius. The two gently up-tempo songs “Stand Up” and “Hold On” are re-recordings of older songs by the group that were previously recorded live in the studio. Music connoisseurs will undoubtedly recognize Celtic folk influences in the sound of 'The Heart Collectors' and through the use of typical musical instruments such as mandolin, cello and banjo, the influences of folk artists from the 60s and 70s can also be found." - Rootstime Magazine (translated from Dutch to English)