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Imagine Fleetwood Mac with more of an organic, Celtic-inflected lilt of vocals and melody, and you have a rough idea of why The Heart Collectors are so instantly appealing. Add the sentimentality of 70’s inspired harmonies, combined with a progressive lyrical wisdom to invite positive change, and you can see why they are taking the international folk music scene by storm. Since releasing their debut album in 2013, The Heart Collectors have been making waves internationally – recording two studio albums in Texas; representing Australia with showcases at South By South West Music Festival 2016, ’17, ’18; and launching their music on the UK and Irish scene with their first tour in 2017. There, they enjoyed the warmth and receptivity of UK audiences with a 60 date tour, including a headline appearance at the classic ‘Rochester Sweeps Festival’ in front of thousands. Having just recorded a 4 track EP (the beginnings of their 4th studio album), this industrious band returned to international audiences this year in USA for SXSW in March, then on to England and Ireland in May. With a USA tour ahead in March 2019, The Heart Collectors are surfing a retrorocket of recognition and are inspired to be able to share their musical creations with bigger audiences, communicating happiness with folk all around the globe. With soaring cello, intricate guitar, sparkling mandolin, boot banging banjo, and passionate strikes of a tambourine, these four charismatic, happy performers create real musical synergy, with a marriage of progressive folk feels, rock sensibilities and clean classical precision. Get ready to have your heart collected…
– Sangrael (album 1) – 2013; Studios 301, Byron Bay, Australia; Spins the Gold Records Pty. Ltd; MGM Distribution
– Listen (album 2) – 2015; Pozo Hondo Studios, Round Top, TX, USA; Spins the Gold Records Pty. Ltd; MGM Distribution
– ‘One’ (Single) – 2016: Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, Wimberely, TX, USA; Spins the Gold Records Pty. Ltd; MGM Distribution
– Back To The Garden (album 3) – 2016; Blue Rock Artist Studio, Wimberely, TX, USA; Spins the Gold Records Pty. Ltd; MGM Distribution.
– ‘Out Of The Ashes’ (EP) – 2018; Luffley Mtn Studios, Tyalgum AUS; Spins the Gold Records Pty. Ltd; MGM Distribution
Recent Festivals:
SXSW – USA – Appearances: 2016, 2017 with invitation to 2018.
Tall Ships Festival – UK, 2017
Farm Fest Take Over – UK, 2017
Rochester Sweeps Festival – UK, 2017
O’Heart Festival – Aus, 2016 and 2017
RedFest – Aus 2017
Cygnet, Cygnet Folk Festival – Aus 2018
Tamar Valley Folk Festival – Aus 2018
Ballina Food and Wine Festival – Aus, 2016

Band Members

  • Tristan Dafoe –  Banjo, Mandolin, Vocalist, Songwriter
  • Kymrie Henge-  Lead Vocalist, Percussionist, Songwriter, 
  • Mobius Barnaby – Strings, Vocalist, Songwriter
  • Reuben Loire – Guitarist, Vocalist, Songwriter 

Other Info

Cover band: 
Record Label: 
Spins The Gold Records (Independent Label) 
Band Website: 
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The Heart Collectors Tour the Highland – The Highland News – Australia 

Journey into a musical land of synergetic harmonies which was inspired by the Highlands. Australian folk band The Heart Collectors are returning to the shire to promote their third album Back To The Garden. Last year was the band’s first trip to the Southern Highlands, and this visit stirred and drove the creation of their latest album. “We fell in love with the majesty of the countryside, the old buildings, the historic feel,” lead singer Kymrie Henge said. “It also feels important to come here, as it’s where my mother grew up and had such happy memories as a little girl. “It’s very meaningful to put a place to the stories.” As well as Kymrie’s voice and percussion elements, the band consists of Reuben Loire on acoustic guitar, Mobius Barnaby on cello and strings, and Tristan Dafoe on banjo and mandolin. Their sound has been described as reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac with an organic, Celtic-lilt of vocals and melody, with Kymrie’s voice being described as “the stuff angel’s wings are made of” in recent reviews. Much of the music on Back To The Garden was written in Bowral, and was also inspired by visits to Berrima, Bundanoon and Moss Vale. The Heart Collectors will perform three times in the Highlands:

  • February 10, E2 Events, Berrima, 7.00pm to 9.00pm
  • February 11, Bowral Markets from 9.00am
  • February 12, Robertson Markets from 10.00am

Don’t be surprised if your heart is collected at any one of these three performances. Find out more about The Heart Collectors at http://theheartcollectors.com/, find them on Facebook or search @theheartcollectors on Instagram.

Back To The Garden will be officially launched on March 4 at The Garden of Light in Tyalgum, with a special guest appearance by Byron Bay raw artist ‘Musician of the Year’ Nick Cunningham. The Heart Collectors will then begin their international tour through the United States (including one of the world’s largest music festival, South By South West in Austin, Texas), the United Kingdom and Europe. The Heart Collectors are originally from the small village of Tyalgum, which is located in hinterland Byron Bay.

There Goes the Fear’s Guide to SXSW 2017: best bets of Australian artists showcasing at this year’s SXSW

The Heart Collectors – folk / Murwillumbah
The kind of band the Cambridge Folk Festival would give their right arm to book? The Heart Collectors, originally from the rural village of Tyalgum in New South Wales. I’m going to venture that this is like bluegrass country in America or the remote regions of Western Ireland, where a healthy reliance on harmonies conveying emotional themes, guitars and simple percussion is de rigueur. And sometimes simple is best. Link: http://www.theregoesthefear.com/2017/02/tgtf-guide-to-sxsw-2017-best-bets-of-australian-artists-showcasing-at-this-years-sxsw.php

Collectors Headline Garden Concert – Tweed Daily News – Australia 

TYALGUM’S own internationally-touring folk band The Heart Collectors will take to the stage in a delightful garden concert wrapping up the village’s three-day O’Heart Festival. The band, recently returned from a huge international tour, will headline the Garden Concert from noon to 4.30pm on Sunday, August 27. The Heart Collectors recently returned home to Tyalgum after touring their third studio album, Back To The Garden, in a three month journey to the USA, England and Ireland. Mandolin and banjo player Tristan DaFoe said with the unity of cello, intricate acoustic guitar, mandolin, banjo, and the occasional passionate strike of the tambourine, the band’s sound had cemented its reputation in the US, and for the first time the UK and Ireland. The tour included 65 shows across the three countries, including performances at the renowned South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas and The Rochester Sweeps Festival in Medway, England. “There was such a great response to our music,” he said. “Even though it was the first time we had visited England and Ireland as the band, the Celtic feel in our music resonated with the people there. “We had the English dancing and the Irish jigging away.”

Despite the success of the tour, DaFoe said the band was pleased to be back on home soil and was looking forward to performing as close to home as it gets at O’Heart Festival. The Sounds Till Sundown Garden Concert boasts two venues – the Garden Main Stage and the Tree House Stage – and will offer an afternoon of non-stop music and bohemian atmosphere. There will be market stalls selling artisan crafts, nibbles and drinks and the audience will be able to soak up the music from the comfort of chairs, picnic rugs and cushions. Alongside Tyalgum’s talents, the show’s line-up includes Famous Will, Dusty Boots, Jack Biilmann and Nick Cunningham. The non-profit O’Heart Festival is a three-day conscious awakening indie-folk festival running from August 25-27. Along with this afternoon of music, the festival will feature a range of workshops, meditation, yoga, sustainability presentations as well as plenty of music on a number of stages.

There will be a complimentary shuttle from Flutterbies Cottage Cafe to the garden from noon.Tickets to the Garden Concert are $35. Visit www.oheartfest.com/tickets.

SXSW Music Interview: The Heart Collectors (Tyalgum) on recording in the US, touring & more! – The AU Review 

Bringing some acoustic folk goodness from Tyalgum out to Austin for SXSW this year, The Heart Collectors returned to Texas with a certain type of enthusiasm and vibrancy that definitely caught the attention of crowds who came by their showcases during SXSW Music. The four piece sat down with us at the Aussie BBQ to talk us through their SXSW trip so far, and returning to Austin in general.

“I definitely feel like we’ve tightened up,” Mobius Barnaby says of the band’s resolve in approaching SXSW. “We rehearsed and practiced and prepared ourselves a lot. This is a big trip to make if you’re not going to make the most of it. We’ve tightened up as a band, not just musically, [but] as a team. We’re feeling stronger in ourselves.”

The band, who have recorded in Austin before and have spent time travelling and performing through the US, note the connection they feel with different American cities, particularly Nashville.

“It is really special,” Kymrie Henge says. “We felt that the last time we went through there; it’s an incredible music city. You know what, Austin – especially now, obviously – is so thriving, culturally. It’s the most Australian that I’ve ever felt, in its alternative views, and the energy is so beautiful. It’s such a beautiful place.”

Watch the full video interview below and find out more about The Heart Collectors here!

John T Davis – USA 

Imagine Fleetwood Mac with more of an organic, Celtic-inflected lilt of vocals and melody and you have a rough idea of why Australia Heart Collectors are so instantly appealing. There is a vibrant and timeless allure to their music that is resistant to the fashion of the moment, and all the more enduring because of it. Kymrie’s voice is the stuff angel’s wings are made of.

John Swenson – USA 

The delicate interlace of string instruments – Reuben Loire on guitar, Tristan Dafoe on mandolin and banjo, Mobius Barnaby on cello — in this Australian folk rock outfit underscores ethereal lead singing from Kymrie Henge and beautiful vocal harmonies from all. Though the band has been compared to numerous contemporary Americana groups its roots seem to lie more directly in the classic 1960s British folk rock epitomized by the likes of Fairport Convention, Pentangle and Steeleye Span. Like those musicians the members of The Heart Collectors are as interested in American folk rock songwriters as much as they are in their own traditional folk melodies. They are particularly adept at covers of Joni Mitchell, whose “Woodstock” and “The River” are both in their repertoire.

The band’s single “One” is an inspiring anthem for world unity and peace in troubled times.

This will be the second appearance for The Heart Collectors at SXSW after debuting in 2016. The band’s second album, “Listen” was recorded in Austin in 2015. A third album, “Back to the Garden,” was recorded last year at Blue Rock Aritist Ranch and Studio in Wimberly, Texas.

Tweed Daily News – Music Reviews With Nick – Australia 

“Listen may have been recorded in Austin, Texas, but this album of folk pop songs sparkles with the sunshine and emerald green of the northern rivers.

The Heart Collectors have captured the carefree feeling of this region that so many folk flock to experience – all butterflies in green fields, sun shining through the long tussled hair, skipping into a gorgeous sunset. The first track, Comanche Moon immediately called to mind the Waterboys, authentically captured and played folk instruments – mandolin, violin, cello, double bass, overlaid with impressive three part harmonies.

The songs are rousing and heartfelt, and somehow just a little innocent. Sonically the album is beautifully produced, the Irish folk music influences and the voices come through to create a body of work that is once again a credit to the talent of this region.

The star of the show is undeniably the voice of Kymrie Henge, like a younger and wilder Loreena McKennit she trills and slides and explores her range, and is clearly developing a distinctive style all her own. Her vocal tone has a purity to it that gives her a slightly angelic vibe, but there is enough dirt on her bare feet to keep her on the ground and kicking up the dust. This album has an unmistakably 70’s feel, like Crosby Stills Nash and Young recording with Julie Stone in a handmade music studio in Tyalgum.”