What an amazing weekend! The O’ Heart Festival filled the streets of Tyalgum, New South Wales with uplifting music and conscious awareness of the environment and surroundings.

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Stalls and musicians filled the spaces of Tyalgum Community Hall; Celestial Dew – Guest House, Day Spa, Retreat; Flutterbies Cottage Cafe; Tyalgum Village Market; The Orpheum bookshop; and the The Garden Of Light. Now that the festival is finished for this year, we feel the groundswell of this genuine movement; bringing people into feeling with each other, and the planet.

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We wanted to personally thank all of the stall holders, volunteers and everyone else who helped create this inaugural event. With your help it has allowed everyone to see what a great thing O’ Heart Festival is and how much it will grow in the future.

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Most of all, we would especially like to thank all of the artists who played over the weekend and shared the gift of their music. Hunter & Smoke. Luke Bennett, Sam Buckingham, Adam Harpaz, Walrus and the Carpenter, Robert Norwood, Silk ‘N’ Oak,  Nick Cunningham, Tim Stokes, Yoyo Tuki, Pat Tierney, Music Planet Sing, Sticky Rock, Chrisalis, The Winter Trio, Hoel Durand, Nuwanda Coleridge, Kent Eastwood, Leeli, Infinite Harmony, Salt & Steel, Jan Snowden.