Hello all,

We’re writing to you coming out of a massive week of gigging – England has kept us very busy! Our initial 5 gigs we had on arriving very quickly swelled into 15, with more coming all of the time!

Amidst the ground swell of gigs, we have had some space to see the amazing history of England in the castles, cathedrals, churches and old towns. With visits to Dover Castle, an amazing old castle built on the White Cliffs overlooking France. Canterbury, a town with a beautiful old cathedral built in in the 16th Century surrounded by beautiful gardens and a tiny township in medieval style, with cobbled streets and tightly packed buildings; and in London – St Pauls Cathedral, The Big Ben, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the list goes on –  everything over here is history!

Currently we’re residing in Kent for the next week for more gigs, to play at Rochester Sweeps Festival and some radio shows, stay posted on Facebook and Instagram as the journey unfolds! Where will it take us next!? We have invitations to Ireland, France and Italy – which way will the wind take us? The sails are up!

Lots of Love,
The Heart Collectors