Hello Australia, we are home at last! Its been the biggest two months, which included the creation of our 3rd album out of Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, and a eleven state tour (9,000 miles) from Austin to Boston and back again! Thank you so much to all the wonderful Hearts that we met along the way! We are truly grateful for your support and love. It was amazing to see all our friends we met from last time, and even more amazing to see you singing the words to our songs at our gigs! We have hit the ground running here in Australia and are already planning our return to the USA next February for another tour! Stay tuned.

In the last two days of our journey, we met a couple of special people – a touring duo from the UK called Beat Root Revival. After playing a pop up show with them in the incredible retro Donn’s Depot bar in West Austin, we felt a great connection, like meeting old friends with very similar quirks and musical backgrounds. On our last night in America we forged a new alliance, “The Heart Beats”. This is what happened…! Enjoy!

Elemental ft. Beat Root Revival