As we prepare for our CD Launch next week, we look back at our amazing experience recording in Texas, (we are still pinching ourselves that it actually happened… 😉 It was such an inspiring time and we loved every moment…! The title track of our album is called Listen. This piece of music was written at this fabulous studio on our first visit a year ago, (the period we started dreaming about recording there). As we wrote it, the spirit of the place seemed to flow forth out of the walls, floors and landscape into our music. And when we came to record it, ‘Listen’ seemed to flow with such Grace and magic, that we had no choice but to name the album after it….

So, we are proud to present the title track of our album ‘Listen’ with a lash-up video of our experience at Rancho Milagro (Ranch of Miracles), recorded entirely on our iPhones. We hope it communicated the warmth, feeling and emotion of our time in Texas. PS – Make sure you put a good set of headphones on… 😉