SXSW Music Interview: The Heart Collectors (Tyalgum) on recording in the US, touring & more!

Bringing some acoustic folk goodness from Tyalgum out to Austin for SXSW this year, The Heart Collectors returned to Texas with a certain type of enthusiasm and vibrancy that definitely caught the attention of crowds who came by their showcases during SXSW Music. The four piece sat down with us at the Aussie BBQ to talk us through their SXSW trip so far, and returning to Austin in general.

“I definitely feel like we’ve tightened up,” Mobius Barnaby says of the band’s resolve in approaching SXSW.  “We rehearsed and practiced and prepared ourselves a lot. This is a big trip to make if you’re not going to make the most of it. We’ve tightened up as a band, not just musically, [but] as a team. We’re feeling stronger in ourselves.”

The band, who have recorded in Austin before and have spent time travelling and performing through the US, note the connection they feel with different American cities, particularly Nashville.

“It is really special,” Kymrie Henge says. “We felt that the last time we went through there; it’s an incredible music city. You know what, Austin – especially now, obviously – is  so thriving, culturally. It’s the most Australian that I’ve ever felt, in its alternative views, and the energy is so beautiful. It’s such a beautiful place.”

Watch the full video interview below and find out more about The Heart Collectors here!